The Next Major Holiday

With Sweetheart Suite published and Valentine’s Day just a memory, I’ve been asked a few times which holiday is next for the Holliday Hotel series. Will it be St. Patrick’s Day? Or Easter? My husband made another suggestion – March Madness.

It may be simply a basketball tournament for most people, but for my family, the next major holiday after Valentine’s Day is March Madness. My family takes the first weekend of the tournament off of work, and we watch basketball (on as many screens as we can get going) and eat junk food for four days straight. This is one of my most favorite holidays of the year. I eagerly look forward to it and the planning is as detailed as when we get ready for Christmas. (My children, however, groan when they hear that it’s coming.) It’s a huge event in my family, and anyone who comes is impressed with what a big deal it is. Even people who don’t care for basketball have wanted a repeat invitation because it’s so much fun.

Sadly, Carol sticks to the more traditional holidays at her bed-and-breakfast, so March Madness will not be getting its own book. While we learned in Resolution Room that Carol does have a St. Patrick’s day celebration at Holliday Hotel, that won’t be the focus of the next one either. We’ll be joining the folks in Willow Creek for Easter next time. The third book in the series should be out in spring of 2018.

My next task will be to leave Holliday Hotel briefly, and start working on my Christmas novella for this year. I have an idea in mind that I am so excited about, and I think many of you will enjoy it as well. There will be more information as the time gets closer, but I expect it to be ready by November 2017.

For now, I’m going to be getting ready for March Madness to start up next week and enjoy our holiday.

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