September has always been a special month for me – partially because it’s my birthday month, but I think it’s more than that. September signals new beginnings with new school years starting and new sports seasons. It’s a reminder that fall is just around the corner (even if in Arizona that may still be a few months away), but still cooler weather is on the way and with it sweaters, fires, and warm drinks. September is a month of celebrations with multiple family birthdays. But this September there is even more reasons why I’m excited.

The first is that I’m attending my first American Christian Fiction Writers conference in Nashville in a few weeks! I’m so excited to be in a place with so many talented writers – not to mention publishers, agents, and editors. If that isn’t enough the keynote speaker is Debbie Macomber who is one of my very favorite authors of all time! I can’t wait to hear her speak. I have to admit that I’m nervous as well. Things like this make me uncomfortable – being in a unfamiliar place, full of unfamiliar people, with an unfamiliar schedule. It’s a lot of stress for an introvert, so if you think about it I would appreciate prayers. Please pray for safety as we travel (my mom is traveling with me, but won’t be at the conference). Pray that it will be a growing opportunity, and that I will remain calm. Also pray that it will give me some good contacts. While I don’t expect to be ‘discovered’, I do hope that this will help me meet other writers that could help me develop as a writer and guide me on my journey.

Another exciting thing about September is that it is even closer to releasing my newest Christmas novella! I’ve asked my editors to be finished by mid-September so that I can start the process of publication. Which means that by the end of September I should be making some reveals – the title, the cover, the premise – and  I should be scheduling some book launch parties. Like my last book, I hope to do an online launch party on Facebook, and I hope you’ll join me. I would love to do an in person book launch as well, but I haven’t started planning that yet. I will keep you updated on upcoming events.

Speaking of upcoming events, I haven’t done a book giveaway in a while so I think my birthday is an excellent opportunity to do that. Watch my Facebook page for more information, and join my newsletter as well!

Happy September!

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