Preparing to be Picture Perfect

Our spring tea at church is coming up this weekend. As a part of our women’s advisory board, I helped come up with the theme – Picture Perfect. In fact, it was an idea that unfolded itself to me in startling clarity. When such a thing happens I know that it’s more than my tiny human brain can conceive. It’s always amazing to me when God moves in such a way, guiding in decisions, and directing details for something as simple as a tea.

Later, I was asked to be the speaker for the event. In a way, I wasn’t surprised. Not because I’m such a great speaker or a big draw, because I am neither of those things. Rather it didn’t surprise me because I knew God had been laying this theme on my heart for a reason, and He was already starting to teach me some of the things He wanted me to share. So I quickly agreed – surprising one of the other ladies greatly who couldn’t imagine agreeing to speak at anything without somehow being coerced into it.

Now it’s the week of the tea, and I have to admit something. I AM FREAKING OUT! I know this is where God was leading, but my thoughts are still scattered and unorganized. Somehow in the busyness of this week, I need to focus my thoughts, and arrange them in a way that will be understandable to the women at the tea. Yet even in the stress and anxiety, I know that since God has led me thus far, He will guide me the rest of the way. All I need to do is trust Him, and follow where He leads.

The irony is that the topic is very apt. I long for my presentation to be “picture perfect”. And for many reasons – some good, some selfish – and I need to give those to God. The truth is that I don’t need to be perfect, I need to be willing to let God work perfectly through my mess. I need to be aware that whatever good comes from my talk is to honor and glorify God (and certainly not me). God can do amazing things through an imperfect person. These are things that I know, but I don’t always put into practice.

As I come up on this event, I would appreciate your prayers. Please pray that I would be able to organize my thoughts into a presentation that is God-led from stat to finish. Pray that my attitude would be appropriate. Pray that my nerves won’t get the best of me. And pray that my imperfections would be used by God for His perfect will.

If you would like to come support me this weekend, I would love to see you. Tickets are $15 and are available at The tea is at noon on Saturday, March 17, at Christ Community Church in Tucson, Arizona. 

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