Falling Behind

It seems strange that I could be falling behind a schedule that I set myself, but it’s true. I was hoping to have book 3 of Holliday Hotel completed, and ready for my editors by the new year. Now we’re towards the end of January, and I still haven’t sent it to them. I have finished it though which is a step in the right direction, and I’m currently working on my first run through. Before the end of the month it should be given to my editors.

What does that mean for my publication deadline? Well, I was sort of vague on my publishing date for this one, simply stating that it would be available in spring of 2018. That should hold although I was hoping for spring being more around March and it might be April now.

How do I get off schedule? Life. Christmas events. Chores. Subbing jobs. You name it. The fact is that not every day is ideal for writing. I would love it if it were, but I can’t make it work all the time. The truth is that although I would love for writing to be my full time job, it’s not. I’m a mom, a wife, a substitute teacher – and in the middle of all of that I volunteer at my kids’ school and at church. Then I write. Until I can afford to make it my full time job, it’s simply something that I squeeze in when I have the time.

In my favorite day dreams though, I write because it’s my job, not just a hobby. I have an office where I can disappear to and write as long as I can, where I can do research without interruption, and I have help with the aspects that I struggle with. But that’s just a dream for now. Maybe one day . . .

What happens next? After I finish my read through, I’ll send it to my editors. When they give it back to me, I’ll make their corrections, and get it ready for publication – I’m hoping in both Kindle and paperback versions. While they’re reading through it, I’ll move on and begin to write the Christmas novella for this year, because chances are that things will come up, life will happen, and I’ll fall behind once again. So to make up for it, I’ll start early, and hope that I can stay on track.

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