A Christmas Carol Wedding

Jessica Winters loves her job as a wedding consultant at KW Consulting. Specializing in literary themed weddings, she gets to combine two of her favorite things. While planning a wedding themed around the Charles Dickens’ classic, “A Christmas Carol”, Jessica meets the best man who not only bears the name of Scroodge, but also resembles the famous character. In spite of his grumpiness and obvious desire to keep his distance from her, Jessica finds herself drawn to him, longing to help him to see that there can still be joy in Christmas. Ethan Scroodge hates Christmas. Too many dark memories haunt him during this season, and even though his family tries hard, nothing can shake him from the shadow he lives under. Until he meets Jessica. Somehow this wedding planner seems to understand how he’s feeling, but how is that possible?

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Courtney Lyman (1980-) lives in Tucson, Arizona with her husband, their three children, and two cats. She is the author of the KW Consulting series, the Holliday Hotel series, as well as a few Christmas novellas. She stays busy with her family’s activities, her ministries at church, and in whatever time is left, knitting, singing, and playing games.

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