ACFW Conference 2018: Day Two

Gotta admit, today was a little rough. I had some great sessions, and some that made me question if I even belong doing this, wondering if I should just give up.

Today we had a “track course” – one for newbies, one for those who have had some success, one for those who have been very successful. I was in the newbie course called “Let’s Do This”. We had two session in the morning followed by lunch, another session with Debbie Macomber, and then two more sessions in the afternoon.

The first session was good. Dan Walsh, author of The Unexpected Gift, led it. He talked about managing our expectations, not comparing ourselves to others, and that there are plenty of people in Bible who had to wait years for what God had promised them. It was uplifting and helpful to realize that God’s timing might not be what we want, but it’s always perfect.

The next session made my spirits plummet. Two agents talked about the difference between traditional versus indie publishing and the pros and cons of each, but it was hard to follow. But what really made me question my path was this. They said that they have authors brag about having 500 indie sales and think that it’s something special, but that if a publisher hears you have 500 sales that means you either don’t have a good book or you’re a bad publicist and in either case you should probably just change your name and leave town. 500 feels unattainable to me and I’ve written 10 books. So I’m obviously failing at what I do. I left that class feeling like I had wasted my family’s money by even coming to the conference. What in the world am I doing here?

After lunch the sessions were much more encouraging. Angela Hunt talked about improving our writing. We talked about putting together a plot skeleton, point of view, character development, and how to edit our drafts. It was invaluable information that I know I will be putting to good use.

She was followed by Emilie Hendryx who talked to us about social media. I felt like some things I’m doing well, but it gave me things to improve on or try, too.

So today was up and down emotionally, but in the end, I think the good outweighed the bad, and that I’m going to benefit from what I heard today.

Let’s do this!

Conference program

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  1. Mary Ann Bell December 29, 2018 at 1:09 am

    12 Dates of Christmas is one of my favorite books by Courtney Lyman. She is creative and even though her stories are fiction, she uses real life situations with believable characters. I especially like that she quotes scriptures and presents the plan of salvation. If you have not enjoyed her books yet – why not?

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